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Last October Move Intermodal released its sustainable strategy report for 2023-2025. With this publication, we are ahead of European regulations that require reporting on the environmental and social impact of business activities (CSRD, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive). Providing intermodal solutions to customers is at the core of our sustainable strategy.

The other pillars of the sustainability strategy are: customer-driven, sustainable transport, and people first.

Check out Move Intermodal’s sustainable strategy 2023-2025. Download the report below!

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Move Intermodal company train with intermodal shipmentsIntermodal transport is simply utilizing various modes of transportation for a flow of goods. Move Intermodal efficiently manages this by offering integrated solutions with a single point of contact for all modes of transport. Efficient and with minimal environmental impact, maximizing the use of rail and water transport (90% rail – 10% water). Move operates 60 block trains per week. By providing these intermodal solutions to customers, we saved an impressive 109,751 tons of CO2 emissions in 2022.

Want to know how much CO2 emissions you can save? And contribute to the goals of the European Green Deal? Contact us for our intermodal transport solutions. Or call us at +32 (0)89 242 900!

Boosting Intermodal Capacity

Move Intermodal’s sustainability strategy explicitly outlines how we plan to strengthen intermodal capacity in the coming years, including:

  • Enhancing coastal shipping from Zeebrugge and Moerdijk to Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.
  • Expansion of train capacity on all focus corridors.
  • Additional partnerships in rail.
  • Strengthening rail transport within England and Scotland.
  • Securing capacity with our own block trains.
  • Focus on short-distance intermodal connections.
  • Forge new partnerships with terminals and operators (inland shipping).
  • Enhancing flexibility, both intermodally and with fixed subcontractors, through the addition of a control tower.

Interested in a more environmentally friendly transport solution for your dry bulk, packed cargo or part load? Schedule an appointment.

Read Move Intermodal’s 2023-2025 sustainability strategy.

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