Transporting tiles is not an easy job: their heavy weight and fragility must be constantly monitored. Move Intermodal has over 35 years of experience in the field and keeps these key factors into account to guarantee the safe transport of your tiles at all times.

Since tiles are quite heavy, 30ft containers are ideal for their transport. We always have this equipment available in tile-producing regions. This allows us to guarantee the capacity and maximise the payload of your transport.

Do you want to transport only a few pallets? No problem! Our warehouses are located at strategic locations, allowing us to optimally cross-dock your cargo with that of other customers. The result is more cost-efficient transport for you, which is also better for the environment.

Thanks to our innovative IT systems we constantly improve, control and reduce costs in the supply chain. By using ‘big data’ from our systems to our advantage we are able to design and deliver innovative and flexible supply chain solutions. These include the best warehousing and distribution facilities at strategic locations.

We will make your supply chain more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly through greater co-operation, communication, planning and visibility.

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Move Intermodal provides you with the best intermodal solution for your logistical needs. Did you know that intermodal transport offers a lot of benefits compared to traditional road transport? Check them out!

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Move Intermodal offers a wide range of innovative supply chain solutions. We provide different types of transport (FTL and LTL; both bulk and packed cargo) throughout Europe. We make sure all your needs are met and we add real value to your business.

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