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Fuel clause

The surcharge is based on the prices for ‘automotive gas oil’ (excluding duties and taxes), as published weekly on the website of the European Commission. To balance differences in fuel prices across Europe, our clause is based on the weighted average prices in the ‘Euro Area 19’.

The base reference price is the fuel price of 2 July 2012: €0,7041 per liter of diesel.

For each €0,05 deviation from the base reference price, the surcharge will be adjusted (up or down) by 1% (rounded to the nearest full percentage). The percentage will never be negative.

The surcharge will be determined every 25th day of the month (or on the next business day if this falls during the weekend or bank holidays) based on the average fuel price of the last 4 publications. It will be applicable during the entire subsequent calendar month.

 Dec '21Jan '21Feb '22Mar '22Apr '22May '22
Fuel price previous month0,76360,74920,76090,84061,07811,1362
Fuel surcharge1%1%1%3%7%9%

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