The transport of steel loads is a real expert job. A lack of specialised knowledge poses a higher risk of damage or oxidation due to rainfall and high humidity. Choose Move Intermodal for the safe transport of your steel. Did you know that we have over 30 years of experience in successfully transporting steel coils for major European customers?

Our new 45-ft coil swap body guarantees safety at all stages of the transport process. It was developed together with our partner Kässbohrer. The coil swap body has an integrated coil as well as an innovative chassis design for intermodal coil transport with a maximum loading capacity of 30 tonnes. It is the first container to combine so many different innovative features in one loading unit. This makes the container one of a kind in the market to guarantee a high loading capacity without compromising the safety aspect.

To ensure the safety of the load during transport, our drivers enjoy continuous training. Safety is very important when loading and unloading such heavy coils. Wearing PPE and following site regulations is extremely important. During loading, the coils are placed in the coil well and tied with fastening straps to secure the load.

We know that keeping an inventory can be costly, but so can a production stop. That is why Move Intermodal also offers flexible inventory services. By stocking a full container at the terminal closest to your production facility, we provide that ideal safety stock that can be flexibly delivered Just-In-Time.

Our challenge is to develop innovative and flexible logistics solutions that work for you. Whether it is an intermodal, synchromodal or single-mode solution, we will make sure it meets your needs. In doing so, we monitor safety, efficiency and service levels in a transparent way, which also contributes to a greener environment.

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Move Intermodal provides you with the best intermodal solution for your logistical needs. Did you know that intermodal transport offers a lot of benefits compared to traditional road transport? Check them out!

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Move Intermodal offers a wide range of innovative supply chain solutions. We provide different types of transport (FTL and LTL; both bulk and packed cargo) throughout Europe. We make sure all your needs are met and we add real value to your business.

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