The international transport of (hazardous) waste products is a highly specialised job. It is subject to strict legislation for all parties involved. Move Intermodal has fully incorporated this in it’s day-to-day business. Our team is trained on the procedures and IT systems are adjusted to support smooth transportation of waste cargo.

Did you know that, with over 30 years of experience, Move Intermodal has all the expertise in house to even transport dangerous ADR waste products?

At Move Intermodal we have an in house waste coordinator. Responsible for the independent supervision of all waste transports to ensure compliance to the relevant (local) legislation.

By being on top of these transports we can be certain that all hazardous and non-hazardous waste (including ADR) is transported safely and documentation is diligently dealt with.

With over 100 own licensed trucks and drivers in Italy, the Benelux and Germany Move Intermodal has the flexibility to adapt to your needs. They are trained to handle both packed and bulk waste loads. In this way we can always take care of collection and delivery ourselves to ensure compliance. Though our authorised partner network we are able to transport your waste goods throughout Europe by rail and sea.

Our core activity is to provide intermodal transport solutions for our customers. This benefits our planet by reducing CO2 emissions up to 90%.

Additionally with our special intermodal fleet of over 2.700 loading units we are able to maximize the intermodal payload advantage. Resulting in a lower cost per ton, higher safety ratings and further reduction of carbon emission because less trucks are needed.

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Move Intermodal provides you with the best intermodal solution for your logistical needs. Did you know that intermodal transport offers a lot of benefits compared to traditional road transport? Check them out!

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Move Intermodal offers a wide range of innovative supply chain solutions. We provide different types of transport (FTL and LTL; both bulk and packed cargo) throughout Europe. We make sure all your needs are met and we add real value to your business.

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