NEWS: 'People first'-A pillar of the Move Intermodal sustainable strategy

“Without our people, there is no company,” states Move Intermodal in its sustainability strategy for 2023-2025. One of the pillars supporting this strategy is therefore ‘people first.’ Safety (move safer together), teamwork, and the opportunity for lifelong learning (via the Move Academy) are key topics to genuinely prioritize people within Move.

Move Safer & Greener Together with the Move Family

People first

Wendy Weerts is responsible for HR within Move Intermodal. She says, “Together, we form the Move family. We want our employees to feel part of this family. It starts with onboarding, but it also involves the right internal communication, so employees feel engaged and motivated. Additionally, through our Move Academy, we offer a wide range of training programs, enabling employees to continuously develop. In the training programs for drivers, the emphasis is on working safely. We want everyone to be aware every day that safety is our top priority. We also expect this attitude from our partners and subcontractors. With 300 employees in 8 countries, we collaboratively work with partners and customers to further develop a sustainable transport sector. Our people have their hearts in the green place! Move safer & greener together with the Move family!”

Read more about ‘People First’ in Move Intermodal’s 2023-2025 sustainable strategy report (page 64). Download the report here below.

Maintaining a Good Work-Life Balance

Move Intermodal Sustainable Strategy 2023-2025 cover

To ensure that everyone within Move is in the right place, Move conducts an ’employee survey’ every two years. The results of this employee satisfaction survey are used to create an annual action plan. Joris Brouwers, CFO, says, “In the most recent survey, ‘reachability’ emerged as a focal point. We are passionate about our job, but it’s also important to maintain a balance. That’s why, still this year, we want to explore how, despite all digital connections and the constant reachability of everyone, we can strengthen the separation between work and private life. The right to disconnect for a good work-life balance.”

Sustainable Strategy

With the publication of its sustainable strategy for 2023-2025, Move Intermodal is ahead of European regulations requiring reporting on the environmental and social impact of business activities (CSRD, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive). ‘People first’ is a crucial pillar in Move Intermodal’s sustainable strategy. The other pillars of the sustainability strategy are: intermodal solutions, sustainable transport, and customer-centric work. Read more about those in next months blog post.

Read Move Intermodal’s 2023-2025 sustainability strategy.

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