NEWS: Move Intermodal advances sustainability strategy 2023-2025 in anticipation of European Regulations

Move Intermodal has unveiled its sustainability strategy for 2023-2025, positioning itself ahead of European regulatory requirements (CSRD) for sustainable transportation. The sustainability report for 2023-2025 is accessible to everyone through Move Intermodal’s website.

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

Unveiling of the sustainable strategy report by Luc Driessen and Hans Verboven.With this report, Move Intermodal is proactively addressing the obligation for companies to provide detailed reports on the environmental and social impact of their business activities under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. While Move Intermodal won’t be subject to this requirement until 2026, the company is already taking its initial steps with the sustainability strategy for 2023-2025. The sustainability report was prepared in collaboration with Sustacon, co-written by Prof. Dr. Hans Verboven (CEO of Sustacon and a sustainability professor at the University of Antwerp).

Building a sustainable transport sector in Europe

Luc Driessen, CEO of Move Intermodal, hopes that the report will serve as an invitation to collaborate with stakeholders on the further development of a sustainable transport sector in Europe. He prefers not to refer to it as a sustainability report but rather as a document reflecting their long-term vision and strategy. Luc Driessen stated, “It’s about thinking long-term. So, it’s much more a report about our vision and strategy. By offering intermodal solutions, sustainability has been in our DNA for over 35 years, dating back to 2011 under the name Move Intermodal. We assist our clients in reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to the Green Deal objectives by transitioning to intermodal transport.”

Sustainable strategy by four pillars

Move Intermodal Sustainable Strategy 2023-2025 cover

For Move Intermodal, sustainable business means reconciling societal and environmental considerations with economic interests. Move Intermodal’s sustainable strategy is built on four pillars: intermodal solutions, customer-driven, sustainable transport, and people-first. Each strategic pillar is linked to contributions towards the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

Mapping risks in the logistics sector

In alignment with future CSRD guidelines, Move Intermodal, in collaboration with Sustacon, conducted an extensive risk analysis. Among the initial eighty topics, the twenty most prevalent and current risks in the logistics sector in terms of ESG+E (Environment, Social, Governance, Economic) were selected. This systematic risk assessment, also detailed in the publication, is integrated into Move Intermodal’s strategy. Emissions within the environmental scope 3 category represent one such risk. By effectively mapping these risks, Move Intermodal aims to gain greater control over the impact of each risk and work towards their mitigation. In 2022, Move Intermodal managed to save 109,751 tons of CO2 emissions by offering intermodal solutions. The systematic recording of CO2 emissions aligns with the Greening Freight package agreement signed in Brussels in July 2023.

About Move Intermodal

As a provider of sustainable end-to-end intermodal transport solutions for dry bulk, packed cargo, and partial loads across Europe, Move Intermodal serves clients throughout the continent. With 300 employees across 8 countries, Move Intermodal, in partnership with its clients and partners, is committed to continue the development of a sustainable transport sector. With 2,800 loading units, 180 owned trucks, and 60 company-owned block trains per week (since 1986), including priority access to the European rail shuttle network, Move Intermodal orchestrates over a thousand transportation movements daily across Europe. Move Green. Move Together. Move Intermodal.

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