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With its sustainability strategy for 2023-2025, Move Intermodal is ahead of European regulations requiring reporting on the environmental and social impact of business activities (CSRD, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive). Customer-driven work is embedded in this sustainability strategy. In this blog post, learn more about how Move Intermodal implements customer-driven work.

The other pillars of the sustainability strategy are: intermodal solutions, sustainable transport, and people first.

Check out Move Intermodal’s sustainable strategy 2023-2025. Download the report below!

Quality Management System

Customer-DrivenAn integral part of customer-driven work is a Quality Management System (QMS). By implementing this, Move Intermodal ensures a safe working environment for all international transport services. This Quality Management System also aids in continuous process improvement and satisfying customers. Of course, this system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001, SQAS, GMP+, Responsible Care, and Corporate Social Responsibility. With the help of this Quality Management System, Move Intermodal meticulously monitors all processes, including customized agreements with customers.

Customer-Driven Innovation

An example of how customer-driven work and sustainability can go hand in hand is Move Intermodal’s commitment to maximizing payloads and avoiding empty kilometers. For this reason, Move uses ultra-light 45-foot swap body containers with coil wells. This allows for optimal combining of various types of (heavy) cargo. Additionally, the 45-foot bulk containers feature a patented self-unloading liner. This ensures the safe unloading of such a long container without tipping it. Move is already implementing this innovation for the petrochemical industry.

Want to learn more about the possibilities of the ultra-light 45-foot swap body or the 45-foot bulk containers with a self-unloading liner? Contact us here or call us at +32 (0)89 242 900!

Strategic Partnerships

According to Move Intermodal, strategic partnerships are essential for achieving success for customers. If something goes wrong unexpectedly, Move conducts a Non-Conformance analysis. This is done to improve quality and ensure that the agreed-upon quality standard is met in the next transport, according to agreed service levels and KPIs. This way, Move Intermodal, together with partners, continuously improves existing processes.

Read Move Intermodal’s 2023-2025 sustainability strategy.

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