NEWS: Winner RailTech 2017 Innovation Award

During the RailTech gala dinner, on March 28th, Move Intermodal was announced to be the winner of the RailTech 2017 Innovation Award in the category rail cargo. The jury recognized the practical innovations leading to the new generation ultra light swap body. Allowing shippers to increase the payload per transport by 1.000 kilo. Resulting in an optimization of both costs and CO2 emissions.

The innovation award was part of the RailTech Europe fair. An event focussed on innovation and improvements in the rail (cargo) transportation sector. During the award ceremony several winners were announced for different categories. Besides Move Intermodal two other applicants were nominated in the category rail cargo (Aero Trail Solutions and Holland Container Innovations).

By taking excessive strength reserves out of the construction and using alternative materials Move Intermodal and its technology partner Wecon were able to reduce the weight of the unit by 1.000 kilo. Without losing strength in the construction the swap body was approved by the governing bodies to be used in intermodal rail transport. It therefore realizes a 4 to 6% cost saving for shippers using this new type of unit. The jury was enthusiast about the back to the basics approach in the design phase and the practical use of the swap body.

Move Intermodal would like to congratulate the winners in the other categories and thank the organisation, jury and sponsor of our award: Rail Cargo Information Netherlands.

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