NEWS: What do sugar and rice have in common?

What does sugar in your morning coffee have in common with rice that is on your plate in the evening, except that it is both food? Let us explain this to you. Both sugar and rice are products that Move Intermodal transports in bulk.

Let us start with what we already know: packaged goods. These are transported in their packaging (pallets, octabins, big bags, IBC’s, sacks etc.) and their total cargo is counted in units. Bulk goods on the other hand are transported in large quantities without packaging, where the container acts as a means of packaging itself. The volume or weight is often used to quantify the amount of cargo. Thus, bulk goods are defined by their type of cargo. By using bulk transports, both shippers and receivers, save themselves significant handling costs because they don’t have to pack or unpack their cargo for transportation.

A new question arises: will my sugar and rice be transported in a container without being properly separated? The answer to that question is very simple: of course not.

Sustainable bulk transport

For this purpose, Move Intermodal applies the bag-in-a-box principle. The container is equipped with a plastic liner. A liner can be described as a large, strong plastic bag that is placed inside the container. This plastic bag has multiple holes that perfectly match the manholes on top of the container. These holes are used to fill the bag with the cargo, in this case sugar or rice. Afterwards, this liner is carefully sealed so that no contamination can occur, and the product can be safely transported to the customer.

Once arrived at the customer’s site, these bulk goods can be unloaded in two ways. The first manner is by using gravity to unload in a special pit or on the ground, depending on the type of good. It is called ‘a straight tip’ because the container is tipped to let the product slide to one side. The second way to unload is through an SDU (self-discharging unit). This method ensures a closed circuit and uses a rotary valve to blow the product into the customer’s silo by means of (filtered) air pressure.

In conclusion, to answer the initial question: sugar and rice are both bulk goods that Move Intermodal carries throughout Europe with the most care for safety and health conditions.

Do you have any packaged or bulk goods that need to be transported throughout Europe? Do not hesitate to request a quote from Move Intermodal.

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