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Digitization and IT solutions are constantly evolving to new levels. At Move Intermodal we follow these developments closely. We constantly evaluate the added value of new developments and how they could contribute to improve customer experience. Our Transport Management System (TMS) contains lots of valuable data for our customers, which we are now able to disclose via our automated Track & Trace platform.

Automated platform

Our TMS is continuously fed with real time information of every shipment. We use status data from our intermodal partners, (un)loading places and driver app to steer and plan our operations. The TMS automatically flags exceptional situations to which a planner or customer care representative can respond. The communication lines to our operational partners were already automated to a very high extend in those situations. Through this automated platform we can now also optimize communication with customers and (un)loading places. Eliminating a lot of fragmented and distracting communication via phone or e-mail. Enabling our planners and customer care to focus on finding solutions for those exceptions.

Our Track & Trace platform is based on transparency. We make the complete transport chain visible to our customers. With smart status messages they are updated on the whereabouts of every shipment.

It’s available!

Customers connected with our TMS via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) were already able to enjoy these real-time updates. After intensive testing and further optimizing data quality, we are now able to unlock the Track & Trace feature for all our customers and for all shipments.

Contact your usual sales contact at Move Intermodal to set it up for you, if not already done.
Also want to experience service including Tracking & Tracing, request a quote now for your traffics!

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