NEWS: Our Synchromodal Network: Connecting Italy and the UK

We are excited to announce the expansion of our synchromodal network. Thanks to the strategic collaboration with several logistic partners we were able to launch a new train shuttle. The shuttle from our Rail Terminal Chemelot (RTC) to Moerdijk, opens a world of possibilities. Enabling us to offer high-quality door-to-door transport solutions from Italy directly to the UK, by combining road, rail and sea.

Strategic expansion

Move Intermodal is one of the founding fathers of RTC in Geleen. The rail connection from Geleen to Moerdijk is a strategic expansion of our network, in which RTC acts as a gateway. Hence we connect our largest market, Italy, with the UK via this new shuttle in The Netherlands. Daily trains connect entire Italy, from South to North, directly to RTC in Geleen. Via the new shuttle the cargo makes its way to Moerdijk, where it boards a vessel of A2B-online to one of their four ports of call in the UK.

For this last crucial step we entered into a strong strategic partnership with A2B, a specialist for container transport from and to the UK. Our train network connects seamlessly to the ferry network A2B has in place. Thanks to this synergy, Move Intermodal is able to offer high-quality door-to-door transport from all over Italy to the entire United Kingdom.

In this way we can offer integrated solutions, for packed as well as dry bulk transports, to our customers. In line with the service they are already familiar with, amongst others with a single point of contact and a fast transit time of 5 to 6 days.

Give it a try

If you are interested to try out our service from Italy to the UK or vice versa. You can revert to your usual sales contact at Move Intermodal or direct your question directly to our specialist: Mr. Maurizio Tiscione –
If you would like to immediately get a price for your business, file a request for quotation.

Network connections Italy - UK

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