NEWS: Our own warehouse in Novara

The warehouse is integrated into our network, located strategically at the CIM terminal directly besides the Novara-East highway exit (A4 between Milano and Torino) and directly managed and controlled by our own on-site office.

The warehouse has a dimension of 4000 m², 20 loading docks; to load from the back and a ramp to drive in the warehouse to unload from the side.

Our Fleet Control Manager, Pietro Rossi, and three warehouse colleagues, Alberto, Michael and Jonathan, working in the warehouse in shifts.

“Shifts are more or less on demand, depends on the work but we normally start at 8 and finish at 22h, these are the normal opening hours. I call it a warehouse on demand. It should open at 8h but if it’s needed we open at 6h. We close at 22h but if the customer needs us to be open until 23h, we’ll do it. We’ll even open on a Saturday morning. It’s really on demand since it is managed by us.” –  Pietro Rossi

It is mainly a warehouse used for transshipping own units and cross-docking. Goods are coming in and out on a daily basis. We treat FTL, as well as LTL. For LTL we reorganize the deliveries in our warehouse and spread it to the right destinations, making full loads again.  If the client would demand so, we also offer repacking and storage of the goods. Everything can be arranged.



Then the sustainable part, what we at Move intermodal take very seriously. The warehouse has a solar panel roof and produces 80Kw/h!

Important to know is that we have an alarm and surveillance cameras covering the whole building, outside and inside. The building is also equipped with sprinklers. Safety is a priority we need to ensure to our clients.

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