NEWS: Move staff goes synchromodal by bike

Sport – Health – Zero Waste. The three key words of our 2020 theme. As from July we also offer our synchromodal services to our employees. Move Intermodal facilitates its employees with a brand new bicycle program. It’s healthy, it’s sporty and eco friendly, a 100% fit with our company goals.

Sustainability & Health goals

We take the health of our employees very seriously. In the last years we have launched several initiatives to make Move healthier and fitter. The next step in our sport & health policy is a pilot project with a lease bicycle. We partnered with Lease A Bike to facilitate a bicycle for our employees advantageously: They can ride a brand new (e-)bike up to 35% cheaper!

It’s beneficial!

Apart from the cost effectiveness there are several good reasons to provide a lease bicycle:

  • Bypass traffic jams
  • Save on the travel costs
  • Health benefits
  • It is environmentally friendly.

By offering a package including maintenance and roadside assistance, we want to unburden and encourage our employees to take the bicycle to work as much as possible.
The pilot was set with our colleagues in the Netherlands, the country of choice for cycling because of the great infrastructure. Within 2 weeks after the program launched, 30% of the employees subscribed and they will be riding a brand new bike to work soon. The pilot is set to roll out to other offices early next year.

Do you want to know more about how we strive for a sustainable world? Ask your local sales contact. Or are you interested in a career at Move Intermodal and take advantage of this bicycle program, contact our HR department.

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