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Move Intermodal is a perfect example of synchromodal transport, long distances are covered by train or ship. Only the short pre- and after haulage is carried out by truck. So one train, instead of 44 trucks, carries 44 loading units throughout Europe without congestion and more sustainable. Local drivers that operate from their home base carry out the loading and unloading.

Move Intermodal was established by Luc Driessen (CEO) in 2011 via a Management Buy Out from Ewals Cargo Care, a few years after the death of Henk Ewals. The turnover grew from 60 to 83 million euro. The focus on this specific market and the motivated team, have transformed this company into a performant, customer oriented and innovative growing company.

With over 80 million euro of turnover in 2017 and the ambition to surpass 100 million in 2018, Move Intermodal is a healthy grower with over 250 employees active in 7 countries. Move Intermodal is active in the transport of petrochemicals, steal, food, … for clients that value CO2-low transport solution.

After chapter I it is now time to start chapter II: the urge to further professionalize and grow (both organic and via acquisitions) demands new structures. “To achieve that as an entrepreneur I would like to cooperate with a strong financial partner with logistical expertise, in the person of Ivo Marechal, in a structure that also secures the success of chapter I” says Driessen. In that way Luc Driessen came into contact with Down2Earth (D2E). Ivo Marechal and Luc Driessen, both respected managers in the logistics industry, already know each other for over 20 years, respectively for Essers and Ewals. Together they put “logistics” in the map in Flanders.

Move Intermodal has a partner in D2E which values coaching/sparring, further professionalization and the acceleration of healthy growth.

In the transaction D2E strengthens the structure whilst the management keeps the majority. Also Peter Croonen, investor from the very beginning, will stay on board as shareholder and director. In that way the growth can be financed and the key-management, more specifically Kees Winters (COO), is actively involved. In other words, all the ingredients for writing chapter II are on the table.

For D2E this will be the first investment from their second fund. The fundraising for this second fund, with a target of 100 million euro, is running smoothly. “It is always nice to start a new fund and be able to immediately kick-start it with its first project” says Marechal.

Move Intermodal and D2E strongly believe that their mutual experience, strengths and ambitions in this joint project will enable the next steps in the development of synchromodal transport & logistics.

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