NEWS: Move Intermodal and V.C. Europe…A synchromodal match made in heaven

Move Intermodal can proudly announce to have purchased 100% of the shares of V.C. Europe B.V. V.C. Europe is a Dutch freight forwarding company, which provides synchromodal transport for its clients with a very limited use of assets.

Move Intermodal is a perfect illustration of synchromodal transport, whereby the long distances are covered by train or ship. Only the short-distance transport “before and after” is done by truck. So one train, instead of 44 trucks, brings 44 loading units through Europe and this without any traffic jams and is more environmental-friendly. Collection and delivery are provided by local drivers who operate from their home base.

With over an 80-million-euro turnover in 2017 and ambitions to achieve a 90-million-euro turnover in 2018, Move Intermodal has a healthy growth and is active with more than 250 own people in 7 countries. Move Intermodal is also active in the transport of chemicals, steel, food, … and this for clients where low-carbon transport solutions are important.

V.C. Europe, managed by operations manager Ron Willemsen, is an international freight forwarding company which transports a large variety of goods and which as a contractor also offers all logistical solutions for distribution and warehousing. This as well for block as for split consignments, whereby they dispose of large storage and transloading facilities. V.C. Europe with its activities achieves a turnover of about 7 million euro. Move purchases 100% of the shares of J. Elst Achtmaal Plc., the financial holding of entrepreneur John Elst.

By assimilating the V.C. Europe activities, the Move Group wishes to achieve the following goals:

  • Add an extra part of non-asset dispatching activity to the already existing Move corridors/operations to Italy and Spain.
  • Add clientele to the Move client base with the opportunity to realize some commercial synergy.
  • Add extra opportunities and cost synergies with the existing suppliers of V.C. Europe for the new Move group.
  • Knowledge and know-how of the V.C. Europe coworkers in dispatching activities.

The close geographical presence of the existing Move sales office in Breda will strongly facilitate the integration. For this some substantial steps have already been taken, as the present Move Breda and V.C. Europe offices are integrated immediately and this in Rijsbergen.

Move Intermodal and V.C. Europe strongly believe that from their mutual experience, strengths and ambitions, with this mutual course they will be able to take a significant step forward in expanding a synchromodal transport and logistical network.

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