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We strive to set an example, concerning corporate social responsibility, to shape our employees of the future. In cooperation with Voka, Chamber of Commerce in Limburg, we participate in their aim to provide more high-quality internships with Q-stage label.


Interns at Move Intermodal get the chance to explore the world of logistics and gain hands-on experience in various aspects of the business. This year there are two interns in our office in Genk.

Robin studies logistics at PXL, as our international operations intern he gets the chance to explore the business first hand while working in the other offices in Kosice and Novara. Sejla studies marketing management at UHasselt, working closely with the sales department. She will be handling the marketing. We asked our interns why they chose for Move Intermodal. Here are their stories:

Robin’s story – International Operations intern

Move intermodal has given me the best opportunity to explore the world of logistics. The Intermodal concept makes it even more interesting and gives me an extra boost to learn more about distribution.

Move welcomed me with open arms. The colleagues are very friendly and there is a great atmosphere within the company. Currently, I am doing an international internship. I started at the office in Genk and at the moment I’m staying a few weeks in the office of Košice (Slovakia). After this, I’m looking forward to meeting my colleagues in Novara (Italy). I love to explore new cultures and to meet new people.

During my internship, I work on a back-up plan for road transportation in case there are problems with rail transport. This project has already given me a lot of information about the operations of the company. I hope to bring this project to a successful result and to get a nice experience out of it.

Robin – the happy one in the middle







Sejla’s story – Marketing intern

Move Intermodal doesn’t have a marketing department yet. I wanted to take on the challenge to see where Move can improve its marketing efforts. My goal is to write a marketing plan with suggestions, which Move can later apply. My internship at Move Intermodal allowed me to explore the world of marketing and logistics. All the information I received in the classroom, I could finally apply in the real world. Additionally, working in the logistical world introduced me to a whole new range of topics and jargon. The marketing plan consists of two parts. The first part was mostly research about the company, the logistical world, the competition, etc. to get a better view of the logistics business. The second part of the marketing plan is the actual suggestion, so coming up with ideas to improve marketing tactics of Move Intermodal. It is a pleasure to be an intern at Move Intermodal. The culture within the company is very open and friendly. It is a good base to start applying in the real world.

Thank you, Move Intermodal!

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