NEWS: Dry bulk transports in a circular economy

Sustainability is a top priority for Move Intermodal, it is in our DNA. Therefore Move has themed 2020: Sport โ€“ Health โ€“ Zero Waste. Several initiatives based on this theme aim for a sustainable work environment and a healthy workforce, more important than ever in these times. But we also take this a step further into our daily dry bulk operations. On an annual basis we transport over 25.000 dry bulk shipments throughout Europe. Carrying almost 700 million kilo of bulk products, like all sorts of plastics (PVC, PE, PP, ..), ย sugar, rice, corn, semolina, split stones, etc.

Unique bulk concept

Bulk cargo is transported in bag-in-a-box bulk containers from door to door via road, rail and sea. By doing this synchromodal we aim to minimize carbon emissions. Moreover, in our unique concept we carry both dry bulk as well as standard palletized cargo with these containers. Thus optimizing empty mileage and avoiding the repositioning of empty containers over long distances. Combining all these factors we save almost 90% of CO2 in comparison to regular (road) bulk transports.

100% recyclable

But we now take it even a step further in our aim for zero waste. Containers are fitted with a one-way plastic liner bag when carrying bulk cargo. This ensures a maximum degree of safety and cleanliness of the transported goods. After every transport the bag is disposed. By using the latest generation of innovative eco liner bags, of our long term partner Eceplast, we can now do this in the most eco-friendly way. Operation Clean Sweep certificateThese liner bags are unique because they are 100% recyclable and can be converted back into polymers for a circular production cycle. To ensure we maximize this sustainable advantage, our drivers are regularly trained to remove, gather and dispose the bags in such a way that neither any rest product nor the bags end up in the environment. Which also shows our commitment and pledge to Operation Clean Sweep.

At Move Intermodal we believe in a sustainable future. We will always continue our efforts in minimizing emissions and aiming for zero waste.
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