NEWS: Day of the Planner at Move Intermodal

The first and foremost purpose of this beautiful day was just plain teambuilding: connecting with co-workers and having a nice day, what’s not to like? We decided to include some educational value as well. Everybody learned more on ADR, maximum drive-time and when to take the necessary pauses, for example. A fun day!

Course of the day:

Wilfried Vranken was in charge of the first part of the day! Wilfried was a colleague but is now a certified instructor for drivers. He teached the courses and asked Mustafa Selvi, our truck instructor, to join in for some in field exercises. The day started with some theory lessons on drive- and break-time laws and exceptions. Very instructive!
Learning new things makes you hungry, so everybody had some cake, coffee and a piece of fruit. Meanwhile, Mustafa shed a light on the theory of lining. “Interesting course!”, the co-workers agreed. By the time Mustafa was done, the clock hit 12:30. Time for salads! Afterwards, Gilbert Aerden taught us about ADR: how to handle dangerous goods. This appeared to be very informative for a lot of our planners. Mustafa had prepared lining exercises outside: lining a container, loading coils, using straps and anti-slip mats. These things hold no secrets to us anymore.


It was a well organized, educational day. The sessions were very clear and visually substantiated. It is also instructive that we have experienced the practical side, for example, lining a container. You get a sense of solidarity for your colleagues; you get to know each other better. I even proposed to do this annually! – Kautar

No better way to finish than having a drink together. Some of our employees even had dinner at ‘La Posta’ and watched the football game at KRC Genk. Needless to say, everybody had a great time.

A special thanks to Wendy Weerts and Aurélie t’Kindt for organizing this compelling day!

Better than I expected, we learned a lot! Very positive that we did this together. I also really enjoyed having dinner together and watching the game. – Bart

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