NEWS: Capacity expansion on Benelux/Ruhr-Italy corridor

An investment in new chassis and a stop in Domodossala on the Geleen-Novara line will significantly increase Move Intermodal’s capacity on the Benelux/Ruhr-Italy corridor. By adding 5 ultra-light 45ft Schwarzmuller chassis to its fleet, Move Intermodal can increase the trucking fleet for the loading and unloading of containers and swap bodies. The new chassis only weigh 3,5 tons which prepares the fleet for the future.

It’s our challenge to develop the lightest possible combination without doing any concession on safety. The goal is to be able to at least reach the same payload as with our trailers.

Train capacity

Increased capacity in trucking consequently also leads to the expansion of the train capacity. As from this week the trains between NL-Geleen and IT-Novara will make an extra stop in IT-Domodossola. This will optimize train length and weight in both directions, creating space for 40 extra units per week.

Move Intermodal continues to invest in order to grow in line with the ambition of our customers.

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