NEWS: Big data: a big step in customer experience

The internet of things has changed the way in which logistics is managed nowadays. Real time and fully integrated follow up of every single leg in a transport makes it possible to focus on what is really important: up-to-date information for the optimal customer experience. At Move Intermodal we are fully committed to provide you the best experience. Therefore we continuously invest in modern technology to support our key processes.

Optimizing the planning

As from this week communication between the planning teams and drivers is supported by the Transics driver app. All (105) trucks in our own fleet will be equipped with a smartphone and the app in the next few weeks. Replacing the diverse brands of board computers, the manual communication and data input. The exchange of information between the app and our Ixolution TMS will then be fully automated and up-to-date. Thanks to the flexibility that an app can give we are also planning to implement these new means of communication in our sub-contracted fleet.

By having a uniform communication platform we can realize:

  1. A more structured message flow between back-office and drivers
  2. Less manual data input and administration by planners
  3. Better and real time follow up of every truck movement.


By enhancing EDI functionalities of its TMS, Move Intermodal is enabling easy and fast communication between key suppliers and customers. One of our latest IT investments is the creation of a flexible communication platform. It allows clients and suppliers to plug their systems directly into ours. Orders can be automatically transferred, confirmed and followed up, including a delivery confirmation.
By cutting out unnecessary parts of the communication chain there is less risk of mistakes in data input.

Both investments contribute to more reliable communication. The input of a driver or other supply chain partner will flow into our customers system in nearly real time, without manual interference. It boosts the focus of Move employees on their most important task; moving your cargo through Europe as efficient as possible.

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