NEWS: An exclusive partnership between Move Intermodal and Scania

Move Intermodal’ search for a new truck supplier started by evaluating numerous criteria. This was done to determine which company would be the best fit for Move. This resulted in an exclusive cooperation with Scania for the next three years. Good for an investment of 150 trucks in the various European branches. CEO Luc Driessen explains.

Move Intermodal was founded ten years ago, when current CEO Luc Driessen split the intermodal activities from Ewals Cargo Care via a management buy-out. “Our core business is offering synchromodal logistics solutions in Europe. This means, we look for the most optimal and sustainable route for our customers, using rail or water to cover the largest part of the distance. Trucks are only used for the pre- and post-carriage between loading-, unloading places and terminals.” Move does this for both packed loads on pallets and dry bulk. Of course, economic profitability is essential, but Move Intermodal tries to do that in the most sustainable way. “Both safety and sustainability are values that are close to our hearts,” says Luc Driessen. “We pursue this not only in our core business, by opting for environmentally friendly modes of transport such as the train or the ship. We also do everything we can to avoid driving empty miles.”

Objective research

“Due to previous acquisitions, we have up to seven different brands in our fleet,” explains CEO Luc Driessen. As a result, Move Intermodal decided some time ago to rationalize its fleet of 200 trucks. “Having said that, we started asking ourselves which brand would be the best fit for Move.” Numerous criteria, such as: weight, consumption, safety and, of course, sustainability were thoroughly evaluated. That is how we ended up with Scania. Scania will hereby grant 150 trucks exclusively to Move. And this for the next three years.

The brand new Scania trucks come with numerous new technical features and specifications. However, the main focus is on three items: safety, low tare weight and environmental friendliness. Thus, the R 450 A4x2NA with 450 hp SCR only engine, Scania Opticruise, retarder, Adaptive Cruise Control … were selected. With the aluminum rims and light weight fifth wheel, we chose for the highest possible weight saving. In addition, the CR20 Highline cab offers a great deal of comfort and storage space for the drivers.

Opinion of drivers

The first deliveries of Scania’s brand new trucks have started.  “The feedback I’m getting from our drivers is already positive, and that means something,” concludes Luc Driessen. ” About 40% of our business is in the petrochemical sector, where safety is of the utmost importance. So our drivers deal with the most stringent safety standards on a daily basis. When they are satisfied, so are we. Their judgment is worth a lot to us (laughs).”

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