NEWS: 30 years of innovation results in smarter transport solutions

Move Intermodal exists five years as independent transport company this week, however it can rely on 30 years of experience in intermodal transport. Move Intermodal is continuously ‘on the move’ and has recently developed several innovative transport concepts with great added value for the shipper, service provider and the society.

By using its extensive European transport network Move Intermodal is able to offer its clients synchromodal transport solutions. In this concept several modalities are optimally, flexibly and sustainably combined to one integrated transport solution for the shipper. It offers a broad range of services via road, rail, short-sea and inland shipping. Based on the required service seamless switching between modalities is possible on the level of the individual shipment.

Sustainability by weight optimization

For optimization of its transports Move Intermodal invests significantly in standardization and innovation of its fleet. During the stakeholder event, in honor of its fifth anniversary, on May 26, Move Intermodal showed the latest generation of containers for the first time to the market. In the past year the company invested for over more than two million euro in 250 new multi-purpose containers (dry bulk and palletized cargo), which can be used to optimize transport of voluminous products. Also, the latest prototype of the ultra-lightweight swap body was revealed. This makes it possible to further optimize the weight of multimodal transports and remain competitive in this challenging market.

Less trucks on the road

The combination of the synchromodal network and the flexible loading units enable Move Intermodal to facilitate the growing demand for transport in a sustainable way. With this flexible transport model, it is therefore possible to deal with growth of transport volumes and increased volatility of the market in a reliable way. This ensures that Move Intermodal can continue to switch even more cargo from the road to alternative means of transport, with a positive contribution to the environment.

Luc Driessen, CEO of Move Intermodal, concludes: “We are convinced of this innovative concept and we will continue to invest in it in the coming years. Our goal is to be the leading director for sustainable synchromodal transport solutions in Europe.”

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